Monday, January 25, 2016

Bubbles may underlie trauma’s brain injury
by Sid Perkins published  DECEMBER 13, 2015
The article I read is about traumatic brain injury caused by impact to the head, specifically in soldiers. Impacts can include explosions, vibrations, or physical impact to the brain. The scientist, Christian Franck, who works at Brown University in Providence, R.I., explored vibrations such as shock waves that caused trauma to the brain. He had a theory that shock waves left bubbles inside the head that caused long term brain damage.
The author used examples of trauma caused to soldiers to provide examples of heavy impacts that are believed to cause shock waves to the brain. The shock waves cause trauma which we refer to as concussions.  He also discussed a theory that shockwaves cause small bubbles inside the head. In the article the author described Franck as a scientist who could “mimic pressure waves of specific intensities,” by using a very strong laser. When he changed the “intensity” of the laser he could make the bubble larger or smaller.
After Franck experimented it led the author to believe that bubbles caused by shockwaves are the cause of TBI. After all of the evidence that Franck and the author have provided, such as the experiment with the laser, it led me to believe that bubbles are the source of TBI. It makes sense to me that shock waves could cause bubbles inside of the head. Also, I agree that if you had bubbles inside your head that it could alter your normal brain function. In addition, I agree with the author’s statement that he thought if there was some sort of body armor to protect from shockwaves that there would be less bubbles in the skull and soldiers would be much safer.

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  1. Good job Sam, Wow I didn't know that vibrations may leave bubbles inside a human brain. Also I did not know that scientist can use laser to make bubbles caused by shock waves bigger or smaller. How hard do you have to be hit to get bubbles inside.

  2. Nice job! I didn't know anything about this and i sure learned a lot I had know Idea that just vibrations can leave bubbles in your brain. I hope that as you said they wear more armor or just protect themselves in general. so they dont get these horrible brain traumus


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