Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fish Wearing Invisible Cloak

Fish Wearing Invisible Clock
Reddik, Jim F. "Some Fish Wear an Invisibility Cloak." Student Science. Society for Science & the Public, 2000. Web. 19 Jan. 2016.

Can you imagine being invisible?  Well two species of fish are, the lookdown and the Scad, off the coast of Texas move there scales which helps the escape from their predators  Many Scientist are still trying to find out how they do it. Molly Cummings a biologist at Texas at Austin  is one of the leaders in this projects. They Capture the fish and then uses a camera that lets scientists see polarized light as fish do. The team used netting to hold a fish in place on an underwater platform against a mirror.Then they took pictures of the fish from more than 1,500 different angles which shows how the fish do it
Cumming’s and her crew aren’t the only ones interested. The Navy is also wondering if they could use this as an advantage to hide their own submarines and boats so enemies can’t find them. The next step the researchers should investigate whether the kinds of high-speed predators that hunt these shiny fish like marlin, tuna and mahimahi have vision that can deal with polarized light. This would reveal whether polarization is even useful as a camouflage for fish like the lookdown or the scad.
I think that it is really cool. Think about it, Somebody could walk around in the middle of town and you can’t see him or her. Now that we are studying biology and microscopes, it shows how our schools studies might be able to change the world. Cummings and her crew uses a microscope to look at the fish just like we look at the flowers and other organisms.  For the fish's sake they can save there life by doing one action. I think that is a win win for everyone except the divers who got cold in the frigid waters of Texas.

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  1. Wow, That is so cool to think that somewhere in the future people or anything could be invisible like that fish. It's awesome that are navy could have that advantage but could you still se it or is it completely invisible.


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