Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Meditation Improves Teens Memory

 Izabel cox-Faxon

Meditation can Improve      Teen Memory

Source: Science News For Students : https://student.societyforscience.org/article/meditation-may-boost-teen-memory?mode=topic&context=39
Date Article Written: 7:00AM, DECEMBER 14, 2015
In Cincinnati in Ohio, Jastrowski Mano (a psychologist) did a study on 172 students. The students were separated into three groups the people that practiced meditation, yoga and the students who did nothing. They each took a test at the beginning and at the end. Here are the results, the meditation students jumped 10 points (from 34 to 44) on a 75-point scale of working memory. The yoga students improved only four points and the control group showed no improvements.
I chose this article because I believe this is how we can improve our memories and stress levels. What grabbed my attention was the fact that meditation has been proven to help with teenagers memories. I learned that even after only four weeks mindfulness it can improve your memory. Also, it described how it has been proven to help adults to. lastly, Mindfulness meditation causes structural changes in the brain. It alters the connections in the brain. This explains how mindfulness improves teens memory. I agree with the scientists and their conclusion. doing mindfulness myself, I have noticed that you are less preoccupied with other things and can focus on one particular thing when called for. This makes it easier to study and remember things. I found this article while looking in the humans and health section of this website.
This connects to what we are studying because next we are studying the human body. In this article it shows how mindfulness can affect the brain and improve your memory. It affects society because now instead of the cryptocrip or the jumble there is a new way to improve your memory that has been proven to be even more helpful. A benefit of this new knowledge is the fact that teens and adults have a new way to improve memory and stress levels. The problems that could be solved using mindfulness are of course memory, stress levels, patience and paying attention in class. I did not have many questions except for, what would happen if someone stopped doing mindfulness, would their brain lose their ability to have a better memory or stay the same? I believe that this is a reliable article because of my personal experience with how mindfulness has affected me. I feel that this is a good way to get mindfulness around now that it's been proven to help people, sceptics might accept mindfulness more.


  1. Izabel, I really enjoyed reading this and I think it is great that people are looking into helping teenagers with stress and memory. Reading it made me want to starting meditation!

  2. Wow! This is so interesting how much it can help improve the memory of teenagers. I also totally agree with the question if someone just stops would they lose their ability or would it stay the same? This report was really well written and helped me understand meditation more. I think I might start now!


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