Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Only Drink When Thirsty

"Could you be drinking too much"
In recent study a team of finds that drinking when not thirsty is almost or just as dangerous as being dehydrated. The scientist stated that keeping hydrated is important but drinking too much can be extremely bad for your health. Your doctor may have told you otherwise but drinking when not thirsty can be disastrous. Using your body's inner thirst guid is best your body will tell you when to drink is what was stated by the authors. The authors also stated that in hot summer whether you should drink more the usual. to help keep your body cooler and prevent things like heat stroke; even though they  are not directly related to your hydration
This article is  related to the unit we are about to enter because has a relation to your body's anatomy and cells and your physical health this article is good for society because it will keep everyone healthy. I really felt that this article was important because I'm an athlete and did not know about this and I just drank whenever given the chance before in sports.
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