Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Animal that lives for 10’000 Years
By: David Riddle

This article was about Brine Shrimp. Brine Shrimp that were sent on the Apollo 16 mission to test the effects of cosmic radiation in astronauts. These shrimp were lined up in rows on the spacecraft. They could have stayed there for 10 thousand years.(Who) Astronauts are the ones affected because if these little shrimp can survive these conditions why couldn’t we humans do it.(What) To make these discoveries NASA sent out these shrimp on the Apollo 16 mission now we are realizing the significance of this event.(Where) This event took place in space on the Apollo 16 mission.(When) On December 17, 2015 when they realized the importance of the event.(Why) This was done to test the effect of cosmic radiation on astronauts.

They emerged from their shell many deformed but still many went on to live full shrimp lives. These creatures are extremely resilient you can dry them out, set them on fire, dissolve them in alcohol, zap them with ultraviolet light, boil them at 105 °C or chill them to temperatures approaching absolute zero the point at which atoms stop moving. There is no wonder that they have the ability to survive in the harshness of space for 10,000 years. This is what caught my attention on this article.       


  1. This is amazing! I didn't know that an animal could live that long, and that they survived those conditions. It's so interesting that they actually were in Apollo 16, and in space! This definitely has helped with scientific research, and this is so fascinating.

  2. Wow David! I never knew that anything could live that long. Also, i'm surprised that they could live at all in those conditions. Its amazing that they were in space. Amazing!

  3. That's amazing David!! I had no idea that Brine Shrimp could live that long on the moon in those conditions. For that animal to live for that long is more interesting to me as if its on the moon. Overall great job!

  4. Wow I never new that could live for that long on the moon! I wonder why it stayed alive for that long? Great jod on your project, it was very interesting.

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  6. Wow, I never that Brine Shrip could stay that long on the moon for as long as it did. I wonder why it stayed alive for that long? Great job over all, it was very interesting.


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