Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Amur Tigers Make a Comeback

Bella Solari
January 19th, 2016
Amur Tigers

The news that an Amur (or Siberian) tiger and her two cubs were spotted impacts the whole world. I say this because it shows that there is hope for endangered species and how important it is to take care of wildlife. This news was especially exciting for wildlife experts and conservationists because it told them to keep their eyes out for this species’ comeback.
I chose this article because I think it is very important to promote wildlife achievements and become educated about the animal aspect of the world. I’m glad I researched this because I learned a lot. I also thought it was pretty amazing that this specific tiger was Zolushka, one of six tigers the Wildlife Conservation Society of Russia saved and nursed back to health and then released into the wild, who was spotted at the Bastak reserve.
I was intrigued that they could tell by her markings and short tail from when part of it was lost to frostbite. It must be incredible to be able to see that she has two cubs and is doing well. Although this article did not directly affect me, it struck a chord because I have a great love for animals and learning about preventing extinction and new developments in wildlife.

I was very happy to see this article. It amazed me that a tiger had not been seen for 40 years in that reserve and then one day instead of just one showing up, they spotted four: Zolushka and her cubs, and a lone male, who is thought to be the cubs’ father! A con is that these tigers are dropping in population, but with this discovery of four, things are looking up for Siberian tigers.
I did not completely understand how low the population of Amur tigers was before reading this article, and I was shocked! The latest count is rounded to about 540 of these magnificent creatures, which is actually a step up from a decade ago’s count of 420.  The conservation has been progressing through the years with new research and development, and are hopeful after this breakthrough.


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  1. I really love tigers. They look fluffy and cut, but are feirce. I am soooooooooooooooo happy that the Amur tigers are surviving and growing. This effects the world! I realy am exited. : ^)


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