Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Peanut Allergy, Health

 Date: 1- 19 -16

Can you prevent your child from having peanut allergy? Well, scientist might have a solution.

In 2015 scientist may have found a way to prevent children from getting peanut allergies.  Many babies are proved to be allergic to peanuts when they get older.  Some scientist realized that Jewish children from London, don’t usually eat peanuts when they’re infants , compared to Jewish children in Israel, who devour peanuts, and nut-based products since they can chew.  The London children were ten times more at risk of getting peanut allergy, than the Israeli children.  The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was involved with this discovery.   This discovery could save many lives, and might help scientist find a cure to allergies which will save more lives. Scientist are thrilled to find such a discovery and are hoping that some of their questions are answered from this discovery.  “These developments are just the tip of the iceberg as the prevalence of peanut allergy among children continues to increase worldwide, especially in westernized countries.” This quote from the text proves that this discovery is very important to doctors, and families with allergies. If they found a cure many people worldwide would be affected, and saved from having to watch  what they eat. Scientist found that by eating peanut or any kind of nuts when you’re young make you less likely to get peanut allergy when you’re older.
I chose this article because, my cousin, Emily has peanut allergy.   During her visit to Maine, we had to put away all peanut related foods, we couldn’t eat any peanut-based foods.  If this discovery is proved to be true, think of how many children and their families won’t have to get rid of peanut-based food from their diet.  After they prove it to be true they can find a way to cure peanut and other allergies.  When I was looking for a interesting current event,  I came across this article.  It reminded me of this other scientist experiment, where they gave kids (who already have they peanut allergy) one peanut M M a day,  slowly their reaction to peanuts slowed.  I agree with the scientist, because it makes sense by getting your body used to nuts, you probably wouldn’t get it when you’re older.
 This article connects with what we are studying because we are learning about cells and the different types.  Cells are important in health, especially when you're sick the immune system is made up of cells, that kills the bad bacteria.  This news could change the world we live in.  Open new option for foods, kids and parents might never have to ask a waiter if there are peanuts in the food, leading to more restaurants in business.  I knew this site was full of all the information that I need to know, because it explained what was being done with the study of London children and Israeli children.  The article told me how many people it would affect.  And what is happening now. I learned a lot in this article, it taught me what is happening in  the world of health.  It also taught me that many people worldwide have problems with peanut allergies too, not just the U.S.A. This could be the next big discovery.  

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  1. Hi Kathryn! This is a really good essay. It is very interesting. I never thought that allergies could be treated. I liked how you added a quote to prove your point. Nice job!

  2. Nice Job Kathryn! Right from the beginning, it is so interesting! It is so cool how if you eat more peanuts when you are a infant, you have less of a chance to having a peanut allergy when you are older! I am curious if it will be the next big discovery? This is one of the most interesting articles I have read yet! Awesome Job!


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