Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Football Is Leading In Injuries

Football Leads In Injuries
Robert Preidt
     December 10, 2015

Football is leading in injuries all over the world. This article talks about how the injuries are accuring, like how there are more injuries in practice than there are in actual games. And I looked up how people are trying to prevent injuries from happening like how most of the time the player gets injured in the knees more than any other body part.
This does not surprise me that football has the most injuries because almost every game a player gets hurt and if you add in how many games are played each season then there is a lot of injuries happening each year. This article talks about how many injuries happen. like every year there are about 50,000 injuries, the article also talks about when they are happening, like how more injuries are in practice than in competitions because the players are working themselves really hard to show that they are good enough to play and then they get hurt. I also looked up how the injuries are occurring, like how many injuries are in the knees and how a lot of them are also in the shoulders, and by getting concussions. Lastly the article talked about how to prevent the injuries from happening, like how to make sure you do a thorough warm up, and to keep working out during the break between when football starts and when it ends, also they say to drive with your head up and not with your helmet horizontal to the ground.
This was a fascinating  article that can help football players not get hurt and have to be not able to not play.


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  2. I think this is very interesting especially with everything going on with concussions and new advances. I can't believe that there are more than 50,000 injuries a year!

  3. I think the most interesting part was about how their were 50,000 injuries a year! Also, I think it is interesting that your helmet is supposed to be horizontal to the ground. I never knew this because in games I always see football players with their helmet horizontal

  4. I play football and this is really interesting because I broke my arm playing football this year and I've always been taught that we should play heads up football and I really now know that It is reallyt important.

  5. Wow, that is a really interesting article. I can't believe that there are 50,000 injuries a year. The way they're trying to prevent concussions. Is that what was in CNN Student News when they had those robotic players?

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  7. Wow that is really interesting how football players get more injuries in their knees then anywhere else. I also wonder why head injuries are not the most occurring injuries? I am also surprised about how they get more hurt in practices though then in games. Good job Xan.


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